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Tropical Flake Food For Aquarium Fish

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Tropical Flake Food For Aquarium Fish

A high quality tropical flake enjoyed by most tropical fish, which is made from the highest quality ingredients to provide nutritional requirements.

Typical Analysis:

Crude protein 46,0%
Crude fat 4,0%
Crude fiber 5,0%
Ash 10,0%

Vitamin A IU(IE)kg 8.500
Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 1.200
Vitamin E mg/kg 80
Vitamin C mg/kg 500

Suitable for Daily Feeding. Please only use as much as your fish will consume in a few minutes.
All Flake we supply does not cloud water in normal use.
Aquarama supplies over 25 different types of flake, sourced from all over the world, working with our partners and repeat buyers over many years.
This means you are getting the best available product for your fish.
All our flake is freshly packed, and our bags are shipped in boxes, so they will arrive in the best possible condition.
We use food grade 360 micron bags, which are much thicker and better quality to further preserve the flake.