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Raw Chicken Food Pack With Fillets For Cat

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Raw Chicken Food Pack With Fillets For Cat

The legendary quality of Almo Nature is now even more transparent: the acronym certifies the origin of the ingredients used in the recipe as originally fit for human consumption. Prepared with just a few, select ingredients Raw Pack recipes are ideal for hydrating your cat. It uses the pure human grade ingredients, packed raw in the pouch and steam cooked to preserve all the healthy nutrients. A healthy balanced diet that is high in flavour using only the best quality ingredients. Free from any artificial additives and preservatives. All this makes it ideal for sensitive and/or fussy cats as it is pure and full of flavour. 
Raw Pack 55g is the smart alternative to a tin: a single-serve pouch.

Key Benefits
Steam cooked in pouch to retain all the goodness.  
75% Fresh Meat  
Ideal for fussy or selective cats  
Perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs