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Fish Tank With Filter Heater And LED Light For Fish

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Betta Fish Tank Inc Filter Heater LED Light Pico Fish Tank Aquarium Fighter

The Pico Betta Tank provides you with everything you need to create the ideal environment for a Betta fish. The chic and modern design o fthe tank will make a beautiful and tranquil addtion to your home or office.

Designed with safety in mind, the Pico Betta tank features low voltage equipment and energy efficient, white LED lighting. Meanwhile the easy to use compact inernal filter will maintain water quality and keep it looking clear and fresh, providing both mechanical and biological filtration .

As Betta's need to be kept at a stable temperature within the tank, it also includes a pre-set heater which automatically maintains the right temperature for your fish to thrive in.


Dimensions - 21.4CM W x 15cm D x 25cm H

- Perfect for a Male Betta or Shrimp
- Compact and stylish
- Easy to maintain internal filter
- High efficiency and energy saving LED light
- Handy feeding area at the top of your aquarium, for easy use.
- 25 Watt pre-set heater included.