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Double Door Transport Metal Cage For Pets

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High Quality Dog Cage Zinc Coated Double Door Transport Metal Pet Cage

The Double Door Transport Cage is the ideal transportation solution for dogs during car trips.

Just measure the available storage space in your car and order the cage that fits, and your dog will have a safe place for car rides.

And if your dog decides not to come shopping with you, you can fold the cage down flat for more storage space.

Cage Materials:

1. Zinc-coated metal cage
2. Zinc-coated bottom tray
3. 2 metal handles
4. Additional plastic carrying handle

Dimensions (L x W x H): 89 x 60 x 66 cm, Front door: 49 x 42 cm, Side door: 42 x 45 cm, Bottom tray height: approx. 3 cm, Metal door latches: 2 per door, Grill spacing: 4 cm, Dimensions when collapsed (L x W x H): 94 x 63 x 14 cm

Note: You will need to introduce your pet to the carrier slowly and carefully. Start by leaving the door open and allowing your pet to slowly enter in of its own accord. Then start closing the door and leaving it closed for longer and longer periods of time. Then try taking the pet carrier for a short spin in the car. The carrier should never be used as a punishment but rather be seen by your pet as a safe, positive place.