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Cat Bed Cushy Bamboo With Eco Friendly

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Cat Bed Cushy Bamboo Eco Fibre Fine Quality 


If your cat is anything like others they shall thoroughly enjoy their alone time. The bamboo cat pod gives them a snug and secluded place to retreat to when they've had enough of humans. What's more, insulated walls keep the pod quiet ideal if you have house guests over. For extra privacy pop the pod in a spare room where they can sneak off to. 

The pod also provides entertainment with a teaser toy to play with and a scratch pad to keep claws away from your couch. Crafted from bamboo and eco fibre this cat pod ticks the green box and is sure to make for a stylish addition to your home.

This log shaped pod has insulated walls to keep your cat cosy and block out noise and light for some shuteye. Three openings on top and at each end allow them get in and out easily or spy what you’re up to from afar. The bamboo cat pod's faux fur cushioning brings extra comfort and luxury. When your cat wakes up from their slumber they'll find a scratch pad to sink their claws into and a teaser toy to chase around. What's more the flat packed pod is quick and easy to assemble a fuss free investment for both you and your cat. 


Sleeping space, playhouse and scratch pad combined
Made from insulating and eco-friendly bamboo and fibres
Three entrances to get in out and peep through
Padded cushion inside
Outside entertainment comes from a teaser toy and scratch pad