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Bird Seed Food Feeder Clear For Parrots  

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Bird Seed Food Feeder Clear For Parrots  

Acrylic Clear Pet Bird Seed Food Feeder For Parrot Cockatiel Canary Cage Toys

This clear samll cage feeder is made from acrylic. Adorable, delicate appearance foraging feeder, both for fun and can have the effect of exercise, both molars effect, make your pet life more comfortable and happy.

Color: clear
Not need screws, easy to install
Comes with 19pcs, Need to assemble by yourself,
Kraft paper can be torn off

Size: Small, single tank
Suit for tiger skins, mannikin, pearl, etc. 
Holder about 250g food.
Fits for all parrots, it can be put in the square parrots cage

Package include: (Assemble by yourself)
19 x Boards
1x Wood Rod
2x Plastic gasket
1x Big Screw
2x Small Screws
1x Big Nut
50x Plastic Washer