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Bird Cage With Two Tier For Cockatiel

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Large Xl Bird Cages Budgie Cockatiel Small Parrot  White 2 Tier Cage 


Budgies Cockatiel Cage exclusive wundapets white colour a large white bird cage designed for birds from budgies and finches up to larger such as Cockatiels and small conures made from quality metal and with high quality thick barsa white high gloss non toxic finish make this a great looking cage includes 4 Feeder Cups With Easy Access Doors For all Of Them 2 large main Doors Provide Easy Pet access has wooden perches, swings and a removable Tray metal grille at the bottom of the cage helps keep mess away from your birds Feet easy to construct comes in 2 cage sections.


Height: 92cm
Width: 46cm
Depth: 36cm
Bar Spacing: 1cm – 1.1cm
Bar Thickness: 2.2mm – 3mm
All Measurements Are Approx And Manufacturer Stated
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Ensure This Cage Is Constructed Correctly Before Use