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Bird Cage With Budgies Canary For Small Birds

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Bird Cage Corfe Budgie Finch Bird Heavy Duty Budgies Canary Small Food Domed Cage 30cmx23cmx39CM


The Cages Corfe Bird Cage has an elegant design with a decorative pitched roof and will look attractive in your home whileproviding your small birds with a safe living environment. Constructed from powder coated wrought iron, this cage attaches securely to the base by plastic grips.Inside the cage has two perches, 2 feeding bowls, a swing and removable slide try for cleaning.This small domed cage is suitable for multiple types of small birds, including budgies, finches and canaries.The base is manufactured from heavy duty plastic and features a grate and a removable tray to aid with cleaning.

Cage Size:

Height - 39cm
Width - 30cm
Depth - 23cm.

(56cm Height & 48cm Depth)

Stand Dimensions: 150cm X 40cm

"Please ensure your pet has sufficient room for living spaceas we cannot be held responsible for your pets well-being, norcan we be responsible for the assembly of the item and whetheror not is has been assembled correctly, or your pets ability to escape