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Bird Cage Metal Canary Finch Budgie For Parrot

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Bird Cage  Extra Large Metal Canary Finch Budgie Parrot Birdcage


The lovely and elegant cage is ideal for small birds. The extra large cage comes with 3 wooden perch bars that can be moved around the cage to suit your needs, 1 hanging perch, 4 transparent feeding and water bowls and plastic base with removable tray. The removable tray that sits under the bottom safety grill makes cleaning the cage simple and easy without the need to lift the cage from base. This wonderful and spacious cage is suitable for many types of small birds such as budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds and parakeets. The cage has 2 large door opening and 8 small openings, from which the feeders hang, as well a carry and hanging handle.


Extra large
Easy to clean
Ideal for small birds
2 large doors & 8 small doors


Cage: H 92cm x W 45cm x D 34cm
Large doors: 31cm x 30cm
Small doors: Two 11cm x 13cm & Six 9cm x 13cm
Feeders: 11cm x 9cm x 9cm


Plastic base
Safety grill
Removable tray
3 wooden perch bars
4 food & water feeders
Hanging perch