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Bird Bath Cage For Caged Birds 

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Bird Bath Cage For Caged Birds 

Classic Bird Bath for Caged Birds Aviary Birds Budgie Lovebirds Finches

Small Bird Bath
Suitable for: Budgies, Canaries, and Finches 
This small Plastic Bird Bath will help you keep your bird clean and looking
The bath consists of a plastic base which is clipped onto the clear plastic
Then the clear plastic top and the base are connected to the bars of your
cage by the two built-in hooks. 
The materials used to make this bath are 100% non-toxic.

Plastic, Easy to Clean
Attaches to Cage Door
Bath Sits on the Outside of Cage

Colour: Lime Green Base with Transparent Top
Approx Size: Length 12.5cm x Width 13.5 x Height 14cm